Become all you are

Transformed Life is a road-tested study devotional to discover identity, purpose and belonging.

Transformed Life is a tried-and-tested church programme for the whole congregation that looks at answering three of life’s key questions: 

Who am I? 

Where do I belong? 

What am I living for?

Underpinning the whole programme is the Transformed Life book, written by Senior Pastor and author Dave Smith. Suitable for both individuals and small groups, the book looks at Ephesians 1—3, exploring the key life issues of purpose, identity and belonging.

Be challenged. Be renewed. Be transformed.

‘A practical, inspirational, dynamic resource. Highly recommended.’

Jeff Lucas

'Dave Smith is one of the most inspirational Christian leaders in the UK.’

Nicky Gumbel

'Enlightening, encouraging and exciting.' 


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